Dr. Yashwant Singh Kothari- PLATINUM JOURNEY 

Dr. Yashwant Singh Kothari

Dr. Yashwant Singh Kothari

Dr. Yashwant Singh Kothari whose noble aims never have an end… journey begins with just a selfless thought but sustains by dedication and go a long way with vision, discipline,creativity and unwavering commitment, Dr. Yashwant Singh Kothari earned unparallel esteem in social service. Born on 14th November 1942 at Village Kelwa (Rajasthan) Dr. Kothari is a great visionary, a brilliant organizer, with steadfast behavior, has been rendering his services relentlessly to various institutions in different capacities which covers a vast panorama of the society at large. The heart, brain and soul of Dr. Yashwant Singh Kothari are perfectly timed, tuned and constantly engrossed for the development and betterment of the humanity. As a result he is spearheading several social, educational, cultural and philanthropic institutions not only of Udaipur but the State also. Through these institutions he has been painting on the large canvas of social service by the colours of his humble deeds and exemplary devotion 24hrs a day and 365 days a year. With his untiring zeal and ongoing service activities, he has been able to carve a niche in the edifice of Service to mankind. As social harbinger and resolute pillar he is maintaining a sustained and indispensable presence throughout glorious 75 springs of his life for societal welfare. He is incredibly devoted for humanity with selfless voluntary efforts which is the rarest of rare example with a difference. He has been honored with several state, national and international awards for his outstanding services.


Dr. Yashwant Singh Kothari, a first generation entrepreneur and a great philanthropist, did Masters and Doctoral Degree in Agriculture. Driven by the passion to give fillip to the economic development of the region and to make the “Green Revolution” a successful venture, he decided to step aside from the lucrative US AID assignment or any government job. Instead he let his passion take over, which was to create a knowledge-hub for the farming fraternity so that there could be an inclusive societal growth. His pious mission was to give benefit of his agriculture education to farmers and contribute for welfare of children and youth who are future of IndiaOvercoming all obstacles, he took bold decision and established Rajasthan Agriculture Depot, an innovative, and challenging  start up in sixties, one of its kind in country, making available improved Agro Inputs and equipment together with imparting free technical consultancy in local language to farmers under one roof. It was his belief then which he still nourishes that his efforts in creating such a hub will not only increase food production and offer employment opportunities to the rural youth but it could be a catalyst to enhance the quality of life even in the remotest hinterland.This revolutionized agriculture in this part of country and increased production which enhanced income and quality of life of thousands of targated farmers in last five decades.  He showed new path to hundreds of youths creating such centers, which boosted employment. The success story of this UniqueModel when referred to Central Government  was an inspiration to set up several Agro service centers which helped farmers and countless entrepreneurs. His Ph.D research on Agro Input business management proved a boon and led Government introduced its several useful findings  in her system. In the first phase of green revolution the production of cereals increased many a fold, some credit for this also goes to those farmers and Agriculture Input dealers who were led by Dr. Kothari through Rajasthan Agriculture Depot. Dr. Yashwant Singh Kothari believed in Faith, Hope, Charity and Clean Business these four and the greatest of these is clean business with service attached to it in his entire life and accordingly he formed Rajasthan Agriculture Depot Foundation which is undertaking several service projects benefiting farming community, like Agriculture Exhibitions, Seminars, Field Days, Demonstrations, Publication of Technical Literature etc. He is frequently invited by Akashwani And Doordarshan for his talk on various subjects. The role of Dr. Kothari in agricultural sector is no less than an ascetic. He was awarded several times by Rotary International, Agriculture University and State government for his continued innovations for the betterment of agriculture and farming community.

Dr. Yashwant Kothari with Smt Kiran Ji